International Students

This page is especially for a student who is NOT a citizen of P.R.China and want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS).

According to the regulation rule of Tianjin University. I can issue you an acceptance letter. However, according to the instructions of the School of International Education, this is not a required part of your application to CGS.

If you do want to be my graduate students, please send the following data electronically to me by a single email in required formats.

(1) Your complete CV (Required, PDF format)
(2) Photo of your detailed transcript (Required, Marks and grades of each course of undergraduate/post-graduate level in detail, PDF or JPG format)
(3) Research plans (Required, PDF format)
(4) Photo of certificates of language level (Optional, English and Chinese, PDF or JPG format)

Applications missing any of the above required information or not following format requirements will NOT BE REPLIED and will be deleted immediately.

All information on the above must be truth without doubts. Any kind of fraud information, fabrication or falsification will result in INFINITE BLACK LIST OF YOUR ENTIRE INSTITUTE until a time that is decided solely by our side.

I prefer students who would like to take the Chinese based master program. The followings are my basic requirements for master students.

(1) Good command of both English and Chinese (Mandarin) in both writing and oral. We need to use English for academic communications. You need to speak Mandarin to survive.
(2) Hands on experiences for C++ programing and Python programming (more than 2000 lines in a single project)
(3) Good at math (matrix / vector algebra, calculus, probability theory, basic statistics).
(4) Self-motivated quick learner.
(5) Personal interest and curiosity for life science / medical science

If you do satisfy all these requirements, I will contact the SIE when necessary. Please also note that we are major in developing applications of machine learning algorithms on biomedical big data. This will be your major research topics.

According to the time frame of CGS, all ALs will be released aroud Dec. 25th to Jan. 10th of the next year. Duplicate emails or same applications with various names will only get your address be black listed.